Welcome to Vodyanitsky’s Stamp Web Pages

 This site devoted mainly to paintings on stamps. We started collecting these stamps in early 1980s. Without any doubt, the paintings are beautiful and on stamps they represent a fascinating world of Miniature Art. In 1983-85 we developed STAMPAGE, the computer program to custom-design album pages. It was created in Basic to work in DOS environment for printing pages on Dot-Matrix Printers and than converted to print pages on Laser Printers with PCL emulation. Most pages presented here designed with STAMPAGE. Only few pages were designed with Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Page Maker.  STAMPAGE allows full freedom in the way you set-up your stamp collection, which lets you enjoy stamps without worrying about the restrictions of the ready-made albums. It automatically creates over 50 styles of stamp frame of any printable size in inch or metric units of measure.

The text on the pages may be not readable on screen because pages were not designed for internet viewing, but this presentation still gives the impression of fullness of collection and beauty of paintings on stamps.


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